Tribulus contains tribulus terrestris extract, a herb that is well known in Ayurvedic medicine. One of its active ingredients at a biochemical level are steroidal saponins. These substances in plants have a molecular structure similar to testosterone. In the case of tribulus terrestris, it comes in a high concentration. Tribulus is the plant most studied and used for the natural enhancement of testosterone production. Its high concentration of saponins, especially protodioscin, which is the most active compound, makes this product the ideal supplement to optimize hormonal function. Tribulus improves spermatogenesis and libido in both sexes. For this reason it has been traditionally used to treat impotence and infertility. Tribulus terrestris increases and accelerates the synthesis reactions of new proteins, and therefore, the creation of new body tissue. In other words, it favours anabolism. By promoting the production of testosterone it promotes the development of fat-free muscle mass, while providing energy and helping to improve endurance.


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Take 3 capsules daily.

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