Glutamine is a nutritional supplement source of protein. Proteins contribute to preserve muscle mass and increase muscle mass. Glutamine is a semi-essential amino acid that the body can produce in small amounts, however, most of it is obtained from the diet. Protein is necessary for the growth of muscle tissue cells. By supplementing the daily diet with Glutamine as a source of protein, individuals trying to add more mass (as part of a weight gain programme) will notice improved development and faster results. Whichever objective you have in mind, gain muscle or burn fat, the first step is to exercise! After that comes recovery, and both concepts are linked to guarantee a 100% result.


How to use

Take 2.5 g (half a scoop) dissolved in 200 ml of water or juice, stir and drink immediately. Take twice a day (half an hour before training and half an hour before going to sleep). Do not exceed the recommended daily dose (5 g).

Nutritional information

Nutritional information on the product GLUTAMINE

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