CARBOHYDRATES is a high-calorie protein and carbohydrate powder for those looking to gain volume. This carbohydrate boost contains no fats and is low in sugars. It will give you all the energy that your body needs to do an intense workout. It is an essential mass gainer, with 155 kcal per dose. A 97.2% carbohydrate content supports muscle growth and repair. Taking a carbo boost after training will help you achieve your goals. When combined with your efforts, CARBOHYDRATES will give you the tools you need to unlock your full physique potential. The perfect supplement for a 100% carbohydrate boost without fat or sugars. It will give you all the energy your body needs to carry out an intense workout. Do you need a quick carbohydrate boost? CARBOMASTER by MASTER ZX brings you 100% carbohydrates with an exclusive formulation and 0% sugar in one single product.


How to use

Take 40 g (3/4 scoop) dissolved in 200 ml of water or juice.

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