AAKG 1170

Essential Arginine and Alpha-Ketoglutarate concentrate that increases the levels of nitric oxide in the blood, benefiting performance, strength and physical resistance. Increases lean muscle mass, vascularization and muscle regeneration, and prevents catabolism. Without arginine the body can´t produce nitric oxide, which is a vital messenger for the performance of many of the organism´s functions: vasodilation, reduction of lumps in platelets and transmission of neurons in the brain. Stimulates the production of white blood cells and promotes the secretion of growth hormone, insulin and norepinephrine. One of the properties that most people do not know about is the potential of arginine to promote hair strengthening and reduce hair loss. Nitric oxide is responsible for this effect because it boosts the blood circulation of the scalp, opening the potassium channels, which will stimulate hair growth from the root. AAKG 1170 is a sports supplement composed of the highest quality ingredients that, together, act as a vasodilator, stimulating blood flow and providing oxygen to the blood vessels. In addition, it optimises muscle recovery and helps in the process of increasing muscle mass. L-Arginine, combined with other alpha-ketoglutarate molecules, forms what is known as Arginine AAKG or Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate. This is an amino acid with another molecule in the form of salt, and is obtained through a source of supplementation, not one single food source.


How to use

Take 1 capsule with water twice a day, before the main meals.

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Nutritional information on the product AAKG 1170

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