IFBB World Championships

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the 2017 World Championships in Benidorm (from Thursday November 2 to Monday November 6), where the National Bodybuilding Team of Iran was present with an impressive team of competitors, accompanied by Vahid Akbarzadeh, the official coach of the Iranian Bodybuilding team as well as the King Rox Spain team.

We had the pleasure of witnessing one of our King Rox Spain athletes, Hesam Khosravi, being proclaimed World Champion in the Men Classic Bodybuilding over 180 cm and Classic Bodybuilding category.

All the competitors in all the categories were in excellent physical shape during this year’s event, however, the Iranian team managed to get top rankings, earning gold and silver medals.

Mohamad Jafari World Champion in Men Classic Bodybuilding up to 180cm.

Hosein Kalate World Champion in Men Bodybuilding up to 100kg category.

Mohsen Samadi World Champion in Men Bodybuilding over 100kg. He later became World Champion in the Super Final of the World Championships taking the OVERALL position.

The Iran Team also managed to get on the podium in the categories of Men Physique 173cm and Men Physique 179cm, earning a bronze and silver medal for Iran.